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"Quiet evening for me so far. Peace is never bad."

"If we were dating, I'd treat YOU to steak."


"That sounds like a dream come true since it’s you who is saying that."

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"Morning, Sleeping Beauty" [Lilith]



Put “Morning, Sleeping Beauty” in my askbox for my character’s reaction to waking up in bed with yours with no recollection of the night prior.


"I… What… I mean… What are you doing here?!" Yu blurts right out. Okay, okay, better try to recollect. "I had a pretty normal day, my work at the daycare did tire me out a bit, it became pretty dark, I recall seeing you around… After that I’m drawing a blank, just… What in the world happened? I can’t remember at all." He’s fidgeting in place trying to piece anything together. Clearly flustered, congratulations.

"What a reaction~" she commented with a giggle, a pleased smile on her face. She was glad that she was able to get the normally stoic Yu to be so…flustered. Yes, that was the right word for this situation. "What I am doing here…well, don’t you remember? We had such a good time last night, after all~" she commented, a smirk on her face now. She was, of course, teasing. Nothing had ACTUALLY happened, but he didn’t seem to know that.


"What do you mean what a reaction?!" He jumped in place. "And what do you mean a good time?! I don’t remember a single thing! Where did we go? Or… What exactly was done, actually? You seem to have all the pieces right now from what it seems." For once he was jumping straight to talking instead of thinking anything prior before saying or doing anything. Can’t blame Yu for finally being in a situation he doesn’t know exactly how to even approach.

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