A Fool, A Seeker of Truth, etc.

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"…What’s so important about butts anyway?" Excuse the dork.

M!a ....Tell me....I ment teddie how to get those sexy ladies


"…How should I know? What must I tell him about that? My only answer is. I just do what I do and be myself. I’m not out there just ‘looking to get some tail' if I have to use some term. If anyone gets interested in me that way… they just do. It's not really my intention at all.” He let out a sigh.

"Only one of my friends seems legitimately interested in me more than just friends, but that’s it. I don’t know how you consider that getting all sorts of sexy ladies.”



That’s… that’s the Persona 3 hero. That’s literally the Persona 3 hero, what are you doing? This isn’t your anime. Aren’t you supposed to be a door? Go home please.

The door was a facade, a Persona if you will. he obviously ran off somewhere and became a box dog fellow.

Yu doing the “ovo" prompt more like

"All are my friends and that’s final." Depending. Mostly because he hasn’t met anyone that has resulted antagonistic or bad to him.

6 had a misfortunate meeting




"Your in my forest, just before my house. I cannot tell you where the forest itself is, though. I never go outside of here, it is my territory and home." This human seemed to be close to panic, he tried to calm himself, Hina noticed. Should she do something about it? Most likely.
"There is a town, it is a 3 hour walk, though. I have a map in my house, so…"

Your forest? This whole area belongs to you?” For someone to say something like that, it means two things. Either they are all by themselves and think they own a place… or are strong to back it up, that’s what he thinks anyway.

"Any sort of help will be nice as long as you are kind enough to give it, I can trust you enough to follow anywhere, given you were that nice enough to give those details to me. I can follow you back to your house or you could just point me in the right direction." Hearing the information was reassuring to hear. Yu was willing to follow her.

"Time to leave Inaba again." Shouldn’t have maxed out all those Social Links…
Original source (Not made by me!)

"Time to leave Inaba again." Shouldn’t have maxed out all those Social Links…

Original source (Not made by me!)

"Sensei I dont know where your Manga went DONTLOOKATMEIDONTKNOOOOOOOW..."


"What are you talking about, Teddie? You know I read more books then manga."

Shadow-koromaru: Walks up to Yu in a happy manner the aims his teeth at Yu's ankle

He dodges before it’s too late, grazing the attack.


"Another one of these fakes…? I’m not giving you what you want." Yu starts running away from the situation.

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